Koksal BABA was born in 1975 in Trabzon. BABA has a developmental disorder that is not seen in other members of his family and has not been diagnosed yet.
BABA`s online presence began in 2008 when Suleyman Abi and Koksal BABA`s other friends filmed him. The videos that Suleyman Abi initially shared on his personal page were later shared on a page created for BABA.
Baba became known especially with the sharing of videos of him fighting with Necati Kekeş, nicknamed Riçırt.
BABA`s videos published on the internet were watched by many internet users in various countries. In 2016, the Italian newspaper Il Primato Nazionale reported that Baba was followed by thousands of Italian Facebook users and that he had a Facebook page called “il nano ottomano”.
In April 2020, the Spanish press reported that BABA was named "Nadie" by Spanish internet users and that videos containing parody of various movements he made were published on the TikTok application under the hashtag #Nadie.
In 2021, WhatsApp GIFs and stickers featuring Baba reportedly spread in Argentina.
The short documentary film Koksal Baba: The Red Truck, directed by Koray Söğüt, about BABA life, was released in November 2020.
In May 2021, Real Madrid player, Brazilian Marcelo invited Koksal Baba to Spain for a party.
In late of 2022, Koksal Baba has been created in the Crypto market as the NFT-Game project.


Koksal Baba Fight

Can you survive the Fight! Play as Koksal Baba to knockout all Enemies.

Fan-made Koksal Baba Fight Game. Challenge your reflexes. Break records & Win the jackpot.

Koksal Baba Flappy

Fun classic pixel game of Koksal Baba, a little man with his plane and a few sewerage pipes.

It’s a fun pixel game, don’t look at its simple form but extremely difficult.

Can you beat anyone on the leader board? If you do, then you win the jackpot!!!





Research & Development
Website Launch
Token Smart Contract
Kyc & Audit


Public Presale
Advertising Campaigns
Influencer Marketing
Telegram Call Groups
Launch on Dex
Game Release
Koksal Baba NFT Collection
Launch DAPP


Staking Platform
Cmc & Cg listing
Certik Audit
More Games Release


Cex Listing
NFT Marketplace




Mystery Box

Buy Mystery Box to own a unique NFT of Koksal Baba. The NFT collection will only be released via Mystery Boxes with limited amount.



  • Public Round (40%)
  • Dex Liquidity (20%)
  • Game and Rewards Wallet (30%)
  • CEX (10%)

Buy and Sell Fees

  • Marketing and Development (5%)
  • Koksal Baba Bribe (1%)


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